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Between 7 and 9 o’clock all the children arrive. When arriving parents can have chat to tell me how their child is doing. The children are free to play and greet their friends at the door. Around 9 o’clock we clear away the toys. On the sofa we eat a cracker and have a fruit juice. During this time, I read them stories.

There is always an activity in the morning, we do crafts, go for a walk, do a game or play outside.

At 11.30 we sit at the table for lunch with sandwiches and milk. Of course I serve a healthy meal.


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Around 13.00 the children that do naptime, go to bed. During napping time, I write their journal.

When the children wake up and are dressed, we eat fruit and have something to drink.

Between 16.00 and 18.00 hour all children are picked up. In this period they are free to play (we play inside or outside) do a puzzle or a game.

Small babies have their own daily schedule of sleeping and eating. I aim to keep the schedule similar to the one at home.