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Parents trust me with something that is irreplaceble – their child.
I take that responsibility very seriously.
That is why Angela’s Kroost meets all the health and safety requirements.

  • Certified child care worker
  • First Aid diploma, with special emphasis on Children’s First Aid
  • Statement of good behavior, given to me by the town hall of Oegstgeest
  • Approved by the Municipal Health Service (GGD in Dutch)
  • Registered at the Dutch Child Care Registry (LRK), with number 133730098
  • Registered at het Chamber of Commerce Rijnland, with number 28101166


Why choose for Angela’s Kroost?

  • A small group, so lots of personal attention for your child
  • A small group means peace and quiet and a lower noise level
  • Only one caregiver, good for attachment
  • Caregiver, working with 0 to 4 year olds since 1996
  • Working with a pre-school education program, to optimally prepare for school
  • Working with themes, thereby paying attention to the seasons, holidays and world around us
  • Lots of reading to the children and paying attention to Dutch language development
  • Lots of crafts, to get to know different materials and techniques
  • Interaction with pets
  • Being outside a lot (also the babies)
  • You don’t pay for my openingshours (11 hours per day), you pay for the hours you need (minimum of 7 hours per day)
  • Having to bring your child earlier or pick up later is not a problem (most of the times)
  • Guestparent that keeps updating her skills

What do studies say?

  • A research from Leiden University has found that children at a guestparent feel more at ease and enjoy themselfs more then children in a big nursery. This is because of the lower noise level, the smaller group and the higher sensitivity from the guestparent. All of this is good for your childs development.
  • A research from RIVM and University Medical Centre Utrecht shows that because of the smaller group and only one caretaker, children aren’t ill as much as in a big nursery (up to 70% less). This study also shows that being ill at a young age more often, does not give a better immune system when you grow up.