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Hello, my name is Angela Leeflang and together with my pets I live at Angela’s Kroost. I was born in 1972 in Eefde, a small village in the eastern part of the Netherlands. After working in a crèche for 8 years, I  started my own little nursery in 2004. Here I am able to give children the care and attention they deserve.

Angela’s Kroost is also the home of cat Faro, doggie Dinges and several pet rats. In the back yard there is a large aviary with birds and rabbits. The pets are very useful in teaching children how to interact with animals. The children learn how to handle a pet, be attentive, develop empathy and create self-esteem. Studies show that children with pets, have a better immune system and are less likely to develop an allergy for animals. And most important of all, they will discover how much fun it is to be around pets.


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Angela’s Kroost is situated in a family home, near the A44 and Leiden Central Station. There is free parking in front of the house.

Children play in the living room and hall. The living room has several areas to play with different toys. There is a space for cars, building blocks, house & doll play, play-animals and a read/relax spot. For the youngest children there is a playpen, a safe place to play.

At the table we eat, do arts & crafts and play games. Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms for the children. Every child has his/her own bed. All beds have camera supervision, so I can watch the children without disturbing them. The babies sleep on an Aerosleep matrass, for extra safety and hygiene.

In my secluded back yard, the children have a safe and pleasant area to play. There are a lot of different materials to stimulate your child’s development. The back yard is also the place where the children can see how fruits and vegetables grow.

For safety reasons there is also a fence around the front garden.